A SOCCER COMMENTARY, totally unlike any other offering currently circulating on the market, is the ultimate soccer reading book that covers in great detail the premier international tournaments from 1994-2010.

Through exciting running-commentary reports and in-depth information it recounts fascinating history and match background analysis giving vivid accounts of a chain of events in the world of soccer; this from recent World Cups, European Championships, most of the African Nations Cups and Copa Americas.

Unique in its differing formats and imaginative style it captures not only the excitement and drama of games but it also gives the reader a chance of re-living within their own minds some of the sport’s greatest international moments.

Being more than just a compilation of facts or an encyclopaedia it gets into the heart of reporting and focuses on the reading interests of the football fan and is not a fully blown up discussion on the topics of little relevance.

The breadth of coverage will keep the reader interested and on edge, keen to read each and every sentence as it brings back images, emotions and flooding memories – as if they were there viewing the momentous occasions.

Ultimately, by reading this book you will re-live the true mix of drama, tension, elation, jubilation, dreams, hopes, incident, determination, defeat, disappointment, sorrow, tears, disgrace, emotion, passion, heartache, triumph, football brilliance, and equally important sportsmanship.


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